The length of the charge on a ecigarette is going to vary depending on the type of ecigarette that you buy.  There are many factors to consider when trying to answer this question.  The question is very easy to answer if we are talking about a specific e cigarette.  Cause we can test that particular model and tell you this model has a charge of x length.

If you want us to answer the question, in general terms, across all the manufacturers and sellers of ecigarettes that is very difficult to do.  Here is why?

1.  There are many different types of ecigarettes.  Each use a different battery.  Each have different sizes of batteries.  Sure there are some that use the same batteries but as the technologies evolves every day, things change very quickly.  Nothing stands the same.

2.  Changing technology.  As we just said, the battery technology is constantly changing.  Batteries are lasting longer and the sizes of batters are getting smaller.

3.  Many ecigarette manufacturers are offering more than one battery.  Your typical ecigarette will have just one type of battery.  Now some are starting to offer different levels of batteries to get you to upgrade your battery or spend more money.

As manufacturers come out with new models, they keep their existing models and as a result you have different tiers of ecigarettes.

So against this back drop, you can see why it is hard for us to tell you how long does a charge last for a ecigarette because there is no one simple answer.  If you send us an email with the type that you want to specifically know, we can tell you.

We might even put together a chart that breaks down this information in the future.  We just need to get a few more starter kits in to review so that we have a good foundation to create the chart.